Monday, February 14, 2011

Trot Character Design

Character Description:

Mayre Griffiths, nicknamed Trot, or sometimes Tiny Trot, is a little girl with big solemn eyes and an earnest, simple manner who lives on the coast of southern California. Her father is the captain of a sailing schooner, and her constant companion is Cap'n Bill Weedles, a retired sailor with a wooden leg. (Cap'n Bill had been Trot's father's skipper, and Charlie Griffiths had been his mate, before the accident that took the older man's leg.) Trot and Cap'n Bill spend many of their days roaming the beaches near home, or rowing and sailing along the coast.

More info from these books:
The Sea Fairies
Sky Island

Due on Feb 28th
- Final Character Design (color optional)
- 10 Exploration sketches (head)
- 10 Exploration sketches (full body)
- Silhouettes

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  1. Hey if you guys need more information on like a cliff notes type of basis I found a wikipedia page that gives more detail on Trot.