Monday, March 7, 2011

hermione & friends

hermione is a maine coon cat because she has big hair and maine coon cats are the smartest breed of feline. Also my cat is cute but also the most annoyingly naggy thing in my life whenever it wants... and i put up with it for some reason.

harry is a raven because he is just so depressing and just wants to be left alone, or else he'll get all flighty and bothered.

ron's a terrier because he acts pathetic, but really he just looks like that because he wants someone to rub his belly.

also hermione is the most prominent character because ron & harry are terrible at magic. i mean the least you could do if you went to a school where they only educated you in things involving a MAGIC WAND is learn to use it. i studied for a bio test last week and it was,needless to say, a horrible experience. what i would have given to have been studying for a charms test... these kids just dont know how good they got it. wait what?
i think what im trying to say is... i love this class.

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